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Me: Do a really mean Bucky-as-Winter-Soldier face.
Sebastian: Noooo…. ‘Cause you’re gonna post it, aren’t you? — Okay, I will. Hold on. Ready?
squireofgeekdom asked:
Steve/Bucky, on a starship


"Stardate 157… uh, probably. Crew, this is Captain Rogers speaking and I just wanted to say… I love you all so much and you’re doing a swell job and we’re just the best damned starship this side of the Virgo Cluster—"

"Bucky, get out of my chair," Steve says, tipping the captain’s seat and effectively shutting Bucky up as he tumbles to the floor. "And I don’t talk like that." 

It must be very fragile, if a handful of berries can bring it down.